Real Madrid and Its Target to Recruit Football Players of Other Clubs

Every football club needs talented football players. There are so many football clubs in Europe. One of famous clubs is Real Madrid. Many people adore this club because the club has achieved so many trophies and achievements since long time ago. This club is also successful in winning Champions Leagues for 2 seasons. So, every club in Europe always worries to face Real Madrid in some leagues. But, there are always many things happen since Real Madrid becomes a winner of Champions League. In this season, Real Madrid looks losing his talent. The performance was not good at all.

Real Madrid and Its Target to Recruit Football Players of Other Clubs

Many people said that Real Madrid looks so weak in this season. Although the club is still able to defeat other club, but the performance looks not better than before. In La Liga, this club just gets fourth position. It is worst thing for Real Madrid, because the famous club should be in top position. Worse performance of Real Madrid is caused by some factors. Zinedine Zidane may be not able to manage goodstrategy for Real Madrid. Or, Real Madrid doesn’t have enough talented football players. When it happens, many people predict that Real Madrid will recruit some football players of other football clubs. Here are some football players targeted by Real Madrid:

Neymar PSG

Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain)

Who knows about Neymar? This famous football player becomes target of many clubs. Neymar is one of talented football players in the world. Even, he is also a football players bought by PSG with highest transfer value. It means, a club which wants to recruit him should prepare much money to bring him to the club. One of club that has decided to recruit Neymar is Real Madrid. Neymar targeted by Real Madrid because this club wants Neymar to be best football player in Real Madrid who can give strength to this club. Real Madrid will not be doubt to prepare much money for recruiting Neymar. Even, this club is ready to let some players out of the club, such as Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes, Ronaldo predicted will leave Real Madrid because he couldn’t show best performance in this season. But, Real Madrid will be so difficult to recruit Neymar. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) will not let Neymar get out of the club. PSG always has mission to keep best football player in the club. It means the club will give a new contract to Neymar, so that football player will not leave the club and join with Real Madrid. agen judi bola

david de gea from manchester united

David de Gea (Manchester United)

David de Gea is a goal keeper of Manchester United. He is a talented goal keeper who has brought Manchester United to many victories. Because of his talent, Manchester United is always able to defeat so many football clubs in Europe. De Gea often makes strikers of other clubs feel so difficult to score goals. So, no wonder if some clubs want to recruit him to be the goal keeper of that club. For example is Real Madrid.  Real Madrid wants to recruit David De Gea. If this goal keeper can join with Real Madrid, Real Madrid will get positive impact. There is a reason of why Real Madrid wants to recruit David de Gea. Actually, contract of David de Gea with MU will be end soon. But until today, David de Gea doesn’t receive other contract from Manchester United. So, there is a chance for Real Madrid to recruit this goal keeper. If MU doesn’t want to give other contract for De Gea, it means De Gea will search for other club. Real Madrid may be best club for De Gea. De Gea also said about it. According to him, he still likes MU and wants to be part of MU. He always gets happiness and comfort when playing as goal keeper of MU. So, this goal keeper may not be able to join Real Madrid if MU wants to give a chance to him to survive in MU.

Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City

Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)

Kevin De Bruyne is a football player of Manchester City who is targeted by Real Madrid. This football player always shows best performance in every match. So, no wonder if he becomes target of some clubs in Europe, such as Real Madrid and Barcelona. Real Madrid needs player who is like him because Real Madrid didn’t show best performance in this season. If De Bruyne joins with Real Madrid, Real Madrid has a chance to be better than before and also become winner of some leagues. But, Real Madrid will be difficult to get this player because this player is also targeted by Barcelona. So, Real Madrid should have high effort and also much money to recruit Kevin De Bruyne. In Manchester City, De Bruyne is successful in scoring some goals and assist. So, his performance makes so many clubs want to recruit him. Only De Bruyne who can decide the best club for himself. If he is still comfortable to play as Manchester City’s player, he may be survive in that club and will not join other club.

Paul Pogba is also other football player who is targeted by Real Madrid. Many people said that Paul Pogba doesn’t feel comfortable when playing in Manchester United. He doesn’t have enough chance to show his talent. So, he looks like a star which loses its light. Paul Pogba may be able to show his talent in other club, such as Real Madrid. But, manager of Manchester United said that Pogba is still comfortable in MU and doesn’t want to get out of Manchester United. We can see the reality in the future. If Pogba moves to other club, it means that Pogba needs other club to show his talent.

Real Madrid still has a chance to show the best performance in Champions League because the club has defeated PSG in first leg of knockout phase. But if this club can’t be the winner of Champions League, the club may need new talented players and coach.