Messi Admitted Manchester City as the Best Football Club in Europe

Europe is a place where you can find so many best football clubs. Every football club in Europe has good quality. But, people can mention some best football clubs in Europe. Lionel Messi, a famous football player has mentioned Manchester City as the best football club in Europe. It may be interesting for many people because we know that Messi is not part of Manchester City. Messi is a football player of Barcelona. But, why he mentioned Manchester City as best club in Europe? Actually, Messi has many reasons to say that.

Messi Admitted Manchester City as the Best Football Club in Europe

Manchester City and PSG are Best Rivals for Barcelona

If we talk about Manchester City, we know that Manchester City is a strong football club. This club often gets many victories. So, no wonder if many people say that Manchester City is best club in Europe. According to Messi, Manchester City is one of strongest football team in Europe. Not only Manchester City, Messi also mentioned PSG as strong football club in Europe. Manchester City often gets top position in some leagues. For example, this club is always on top position in Premier League. No wonder if a popular football player often calls Manchester City as the best football club in Europe.

In this season, we can see best performance of Manchester City. This club looks better than before. Many clubs feel so worry to face Manchester City in various leagues, such as Premier League, Champions League, and La Liga. It is because this club is so strong and hard to be defeated by other clubs. Consist of best football players, Manchester City always gets victory and shows the best performance in front of other clubs, fans, and many people who support that club. A unique fact appears when we talk about Manchester City. Many people said that Manchester City becomes strongest football club since Pep Guardiola becomes the coach of Manchester City.

Lionel Messi and Pep Guardiola

Actually, Pep Guardiola is the ex-coach of Barcelona and Bayern Munchen. So, no wonder if he has so many experiences to train every football player of Manchester City. Until today, the assumption of many people about that coach is really true. Manchester City becomes one of strongest football team in Europe after the team coached by Pep Guardiola. With Guardiola, this club can be in top position in various leagues. This club is also perfect rival for other club, such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Manchester United. In Europe, many clubs feel so worry to face Manchester City because this time has good strategy to defeat every club. Many people predict this club to be the winner of Champions League.

There are other clubs mentioned by Messi as best clubs in Europe. Not only Manchester City, Messi also mentioned PSG. According to him, PSG is also a rival for Barcelona. Manchester and PSG are perfect rivals for Barcelona. Compare to other clubs, Barcelona mentionedManchester City and PSG as the perfect rivals. Although other clubs have good quality, but for Messi, PSG and Manchester City are best club and rival for Barcelona. Bayern Munchen also mentioned by Messi as one of best club in Europe. Bayern Munchen always does best performance, so the club looks so strong and always struggles until the end.

Although Messi said that Manchester City is best club in Europe, but Barcelona has not face Manchester City in Champions League. There will be so interesting if those best clubs meet each other and try to defeat each other. But, there is possible meeting in Champions League. But, every club should face some phases before meet each other. When the day comes, we will know what is the best club in Europe—Barcelona or Manchester City.

According to Messi, Real Madrid is not Rival for Barcelona

Not only said about Manchester City, PSG and Bayern Munchen, Messi also told about Real Madrid. According to him, Real Madrid has quality and can be best club in Europe. But in this season, Real Madrid looks like a club which loss its strength. If you watch every match between Real Madrid and other club, you can comment about Real Madrid’s performance. Compare to previous seasons, Real Madrid can’t play better. So, it makes Messi didn’t mention Real Madrid as rival for Barcelona. According to him, Real Madrid has worse performance in this season. Messi also has reasons to not include Real Madrid in rival list of Barcelona.

First, you can see the performance of Real Madrid in La Liga. In La Liga, Real Madrid could do the best sometime, but this club could be theworst too. It makes the club looks not consistent. It is the reason of why Messy didn’t call Real Madrid as rival for Barcelona. In La Liga, Real Madrid was in third position, while Barcelona in the first position. No wonder if Barcelona doesn’t feel worry about Real Madrid. Looking at Real Madrid’s position in La Liga, Barcelona knows that there is other club that should be wary of, and the club is not Real Madrid. Not only about Real Madrid’s position in La Liga, Messi mention that Real Madrid has been defeated 4 times in La Liga, so the club is not as strong as before. Real Madrid is not a rival for Barcelona today.

Messi also compared Real Madrid to other club, such as clubs in German. According to him, club in German, such as Bayern Munchen is better than Real Madrid. Messi didn’t want to say about it, but he has to say it because he has seen the performance of Real Madrid in this season. Real Madrid also has talented football player, such as Ronaldo. But, it is not enough to make Real Madrid has best performance in some leagues.

The conclusion is, Messi didn’t want to say that Real Madrid is a bad football club. Real Madrid is still one of best clubs in Europe, but this club can’t fulfill people’s expectation in this seasons. If Messi should choose rivals for Barcelona in this season, the rivals are Manchester City and PSG.